The Process

1. Discovery

First, we talk about your business & who your target audience is. We can either schedule this via phone call or email, whichever you choose. We establish the objective, figure out the problem. I learn about your business goals and customers. Then, I'll give you my Brand Questionnaire to fill that in. After you decided to work with me, I am going to require a 50% down payment, then we'll proceed to the next step.

2. Research   

Based on our previous conversation & information that I gathered from you, I then do research based on the brief. I study the competitors, the marketplace, the audience. etc. I also make a moodboard, find Design Inspirations or anything that can help the design process.

3. Design   

Whether just a simple logo, a package design, a web banner, or a large-scale illustration, the actual design process starts here. After gathering enough research & inspirations, I then start to do some designing-- Finding the right font, or choosing the right color, figuring out the tone of voice, look and feel, etc. I then present the initial design to you.

4. Production

After I present the initial design, I'm going to ask you to review it. Remember, it's not about how you "like" it or not, but it's about how we meet all the objectives in the discovery session. After I've done some refinement (and you are happy), then we proceed to the final step.

5. Delivery

The fun part-- This is where we finally agree that the design is suitable for your mission! I send the complete file format to you, both print or digital (AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, JPG, etc). Then we celebrate together! I’ll work until I ensure you have everything you need. This is the part where we are both happy!