Goodreads - Redesign
Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

What is Goodreads?

Goodreads is a platform that allows users to search books, track their reading progress, and discover their book recommendations. Goodreads also provides other features such as communities, groups, discussions, polls, lists, and social media.

The Problem (Old App)

I am a Goodreads user myself (a noob reader), but sometimes using it can be a little bit annoying for long time users and first-timers.  Some of the features are great, while some aren't that good or necessary. I also went to search for feedback on the GR forum. Here are some problems that I found while using it.

  • The app has confusing navigation, menu and messy onboarding page that makes new users go to a state of vertigo. (Bikin user makan paramex)
  • The overall visual design is fine, but it can be improved.
  • Some page has unnecessary texts and data, and discovering book recommendation can be hard and irritating.

User feedbacks from goodreads forum

The Goal

The goal is to improve the app and user’s reading experience, enhance the design so that it can be friendlier and easier to utilize. Students, Hobbyist, Generalist, Travelers, Bibliophiles, and active users of social media-- These are Goodreads's primary users.


The Design

The aim is for the design to look energized, friendly, and easy to use. The mood board is primarily focused toward the color orange and green (green for growth and improvement and orange for fun). The logo is composed of a left curly bracket ({) rotated 90 degrees, because it symbolizes an opening book from the side view.

Login Screen


The Log in button is located at the bottom, and it's almost unnoticeable because of a photograph of a book. It just prompts you whether to use Amazon or Facebook


Switched log in elements, so users can sign in with their UserID first rather than continuing using other services. Everything feeels good so far.

Old (Left) vs New (Right) Login Screen

Onboarding Page


  • No progress bar.
  • Visual Design can be improved?
  • Once you pick a genre, Goodreads doesn't recommend a book, but it prompts you to the homepage.

  • Added a progress bar (and illustration)
  • Improved visual design
  • Gives book recommendation, how to add, track and give reviews.

Onboarding (Old and New).



  • Want to Read button is confusing, since users probably don’t know about the book
  • No visualization about reading progress

  • Want to Read button is replaced with “add to shelf”
  • Added visualization about reading progress

Old (left) vs New (right) Homepage

My Books & Profile


  • Difficult to Navigate (you have to scroll a few times to find review)
  • Unecessarry text and data on book page


  • Added new menu
  • Unecessarry text and data is replaced

New My Books page

New Profile page



  • Another confusing menu (Settings > Settings)

  • Menu is simplified and improved visually

Old (left) vs New (right) Settings page