COSMOS - Redesigned and Illustrated
Roles: Editorial design, Layout Design, Graphic Design
Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

What is COSMOS?

COSMOS is a science book written by Carl Sagan. The book tells us about how life and civilizations came to be. I really enjoyed reading the book and I'd also recommend it to all designers out there. The goal is to redesign some of the contents of the book with some added illustrations.

The Challenge

COSMOS is a thick book that contains a lot of information. But unlike any tedious science books out there, I think Carl's style of writing is unique and poetic-- this is where the book shines. It's almost as if he understands how to blend art and science together. Combining those two elements is part of the challenge. Illustrating some of the photographic contents is also another hard task.

The Moodboard

Glyphs, Geometric Patterns, Morse codes, Malevich, Line art, Black and White, More Black and White. Taken from Pinterest & Wikipedia.

The Color Palette

Originally, I wanted the color palette to be the color spectrum of light (ROYGBIV) but decided that it was way too complicated to use--not very practical. After some iterations, the only color palette used was black, white, and red.

The pages of the book are black (it suggests the darkness of space and mysteries waiting to be solved), while the remaining elements are pure white (for light, glimmering stars, the origin of life). Couldn’t be simpler than that. The real focus, however, is on the shape, placement and composition.

The Typography

I tried the Univers typeface in the beginning (because the book is about the universe?) but decided that it didn't really complement the geometric patterns and illustrations. So a geometric sans serif typeface, like Futura, is the answer.

Justifying paragraphs into a square shape is used to help the composition. Glyphs are also used to support the composition. Dots (.) and Ellipses (...) are commonly used to represent stars and planets. It also signifies the Morse code, which is a whole new language that suggests an enigmatic feeling.