99% Invisible - Unsong Icons of Soviet Design
Roles: Illustration, Graphic Design, Storyboarding
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

What is 99PI?

99PI is a design podcast created by Roman Mars. It explains the design of objects, visuals, architectures, and sounds. This project is about its 25th episode, titled Unsung Icons of Soviet Design: it tells the story and design of everyday objects in the Soviet Union era. It covers Soviet dolls, vending machines, even TV shows. Listen to the podcast right here: PODCAST EPISODE


The Goal

The goal is to Design Illustration & Storyboard for a motion graphic animation based on the podcast’s transcript.


The main inspiration for this project was an art movement (Russian Constructivism), Soviet Objects and patterns. While it is funny to some people, I like the idea of creating abstract geometric shapes for the sake of functionality instead of aestheticism.